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Tarot Readings

Jennifer is a psychic medium and Energy Healer.
Jennifer is passionate about helping others and giving her all to her work. Jennifer offers guidance and acknowledgement for our psychic abilities – because we each have our own beautiful gifts.
Jennifer intends to spread a little light on this world and brighten others' lives ♥

Jennifer will then tune in to your energy & connect to your soul to deliver a unique and meaningful reading. Following the guidance of spirit & our spirit guides to obtain the answers and clarity to the questions that are in alignment with your greatest good and soul purpose.

Please note this service is not a fortune telling service, as life is not set in stone, it is fluid and ever changing. This reading is for guidance for the past present and future and understanding that is entirely up to the client on what they do with the information given during a session.
Please come with an open mind and heart, because the more open you are to receiving messages the better the reading will be. 

My Vision for Mystic & Moon Tarot
My vision is simple – it is to empower you and to remind you you have your very own gifts, you already know the answers to all your questions and you have your very own spirit guides and angels guiding you every step of the way, all you have to do is trust and look for the signs and acknowledge your own inherent intuition.

You Had The Power All Along My Dear ~ Glenda, The Good Witch.

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